Susan Osgood

Between Breath and the River 4
10 x 12 monotype, 2016


Growing up in rural New Hampshire, I developed a deep love of the natural world and continue to find it profoundly magical. For me painting and drawing are forms of travel, giving the sense of being in unfamiliar territory and the wonder of discovery. I begin without a map or idea of the outcome. I delve in and see where the adventure leads. My intent is to create images evocative enough to stop the viewer, give them a sense of wonder, and move them within.


Susan, a painter/printmaker from Brattleboro, Vermont, is a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant recipient whose traveling solo exhibition: Explorations: Egypt in the Art of Susan Osgood is opening at the Leipzig University Museum in 2017. She received her BFA in painting from Rhode Island School Design. Her work is collected and exhibited internationally.