Thomas Hughes

Highland Light
10 x 14 White Line Block Print, Monoprint, 2019


Having a graphic design background, I’m drawn to print making. I love the physicality of the medium. I learned the white line print making method from Kathryn Lee Smith of Provincetown whose grandmother learned the method from Blanche Lazzell and am working to continue to improve my technique.


Tom Hughes founded Idealab with Bill Gross in 1996. Prior to Idealab, In the 1980s, Tom was hired by Steve Jobs to join the original Macintosh team to create the brand identity for Macintosh which charted the path for the brand identity of Apple which continues to today. Tom’s work at Apple included creating the slogan “The Computer for the Rest of Us.” After Apple, he created the brand identity for Lotus prior to their acquisition by IBM. Since the start of Idealab working with Bill Gross, Tom has created and developed over 120 companies. His work is included in the Smithsonian collection and has been internationally recognized. Awards include AIGA, Communications Arts Magazine, Print Magazine, and IDEA.