Vedanta du Mas


I am interested in the relationship between our past, our current path, and how we want to be as individuals within our shared social structure. I think about the personal conflict of ‘doing better,’ and ‘being better.’ Achieving this, often requires personal sacrifice for which the realization alone takes a very long road. I am aware of how integrated histories form common threads across time and how parallel myths provide a framework in which to live out our lives.

My artwork often takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues. In my work, I attempt to deconstruct and reconstruct the ‘American Dream.’ That being what we have been taught or simply absorb as being normal. Education and personal responsibility, social contribution and reward. What are we being told and how does it measure up to the events we are seeing everyday around the world. As an alternative student with experience in the corporate environment I have witnessed what is ignored by those in economic control. The ugly truths that we cannot accept as we don’t want to associate ourselves with the obligation or the moral requirement to do anything. Parallel to my corporate experience, I was a military wife. Initially, in both worlds I went along with the norm, then I became silent, and finally I questioned. Now, I am ready to speak through my art.