Originator: Debbie Schmitt

Materials: large brush marked paper collagraph plate to use as substrate. Paper remnants from stencils made during former experimentation with patterns representing natural elements like ocean waves, wind, current, weather, flight patterns of birds, particularly terns. Rives BFK Cream, Akua ink. Finished materials included watercolor and misc. collage paper, PVA glue. Finished Size: 22.25” x 16”, folded down to various smaller sizes to fit into 9 x 12” envelope.

Phase 2: Caroline Loose

As I opened Deb’s print I was intrigued by the many folds that opened and revealed, and could close and hide. In deciding the marks I would make, I responded to the waves, curls and loops in Deb’s. I chose shapes that could repeat and could echo the underlying shapes, creating their own rhythm – by suggestion – across the page, in concert with them. I also wanted to play with how shapes could be revealed and changed by the various folds. I used Akua ink. I signed ”Sheridan” along a shape in the corner of the side with the darker blue shape. I hope I found the right balance between doing enough, but not too much. The possibilities of folding are endless!

Phase 3: Kate Higley

I am quite pleased with how the print looks and hope that you both will find the changes interesting. You are right, Caroline, when you told me that the position of second artist has greater challenges. As the almost final participant, I found that it was easy for me to bring the piece to completion, or almost completion since Deb is free to do more. It IS her print to leave or alter now. I thought that the predominantly violet side needed a bit of contrast, so I added yellow ochre and a bit of raw sienna and cadmium yellow using pastel pencils. I then added something I have employed many times in my work, meandering fine lines following along various textural “leads” in the print. I thoroughly enjoyed working along the areas where the folds created ambiguity. I attempted to continue the design on both the visible and underlying areas so that there were no lines that ended without resolution. I hope that I didn’t leave any.

Phase 4: Debbie Schmitt

The additions Caroline and Kate made clearly honor the spirit and intent of the collaboration. This effort spun from the need of our creative selves to find our place within this strange time of Covid. This mark in history is a detour for all and this particular collaboration brings to mind the routes of rambling, sacred, secret ways of aboriginal storylines and the new and future pathways our minds must realize and comprehend, while we remain isolated.

While Caroline’s and Kates additions made the piece more dynamic, it still needed weight and focus. I incorporated collage and drawing that repeated similar, but different forms from the original while deepening and brightening it. My intention is to add strength, a broader range and clearer voice to the viewer while we all navigate this uncertain time. open,