Wendy Weldon

Temple Stairs
18″ x 24″ mixed media monotype, 2015


Listening to the news has been extremely discouraging. There is so much tragedy. The people and animals that are suffering touch my heart. I want my paintings and monotypes to express my heart felt feelings. My message is to paint light and hope. Color helps me to express my message. The images are not as important as the energy of the paintings. The color carries the emotion. The movement expresses the hope. These are challenging times for so many creatures on our earth.. I continue to be optimistic, believing that good will push out the darkness. The pain that I feel transforms into brightness in my canvases and prints. Perhaps I am in denial and my paintings are covering up the despair. Perhaps I could paint the desolation and not paint the moments of fleeting joy and hope. Perhaps these confusing emotions will transform my work this year. Once again the process will determine how the work evolves. I will keep an open mind, allowing the process to discover the truth.


Wendy Weldon began playing with paint as a young girl in her mother’s art studio on a farm in Indiana. She studied art at Bard College in New York, Silvermine College of Art, in Connecticut, Santa Rosa Junior College in California and the Boston Museum School.

Wendy has been painting and printing as a professional artist for 45 years and knew in the beginning that her strength was with color. Her earlier paintings included colorful abstract shapes and over the years she has changed the non-objective objects to more recognizable forms as vehicles for color.
Wendy writes” I began painting and drawing barns in the 1970’s when I lived in Northern Vermont. I wanted to learn how to draw and the gorgeous barns throughout the Vermont landscape provided endless challenges for my inexperienced eye. I made woodcuts from my drawings, The prints were naive, full of emotion and they served as a jumping off place for my barn paintings. I returned to my abstract painting in the 80’s until the present. In the 1990’s, I reintroduced barns and added stone images inspired by the gorgeous stone walls on Martha’s Vineyard.”
Wendy also creates monotypes which she mounts on wood panels.