MGNE Board Member Kate Higley was recently interviewed in the Newburyport Daily News for their monthly Ask an Artist feature:

Question: Do abstract artists have a plan or is it random?

KH: In a long life as an abstract artist, I have always begun with an idea. It can be something very detailed that I notice in nature, the texture and shape of a piece of rotting bark or something fleeting, the way an early November landscape looks flying by at 70 miles an hour. Much of my work involves the life and shapes of small creatures below the surface of ponds, marshes, skin or organs. So, yes, it all begins with a fairly specific idea. At that point, I usually work on some very quick drawings that set up the design. Sometimes, I transfer it directly to the canvas. Other times, I will just hang the rough drawing on the wall nearby and refer to it more casually.   Read More…

Image: Kate Higley, Aloft in November I