Fall 2023: Monotype Printmaking Studio Course

Class: September 1 – November 19, 2023; Friday 4-7pm; Saturday & Sundays 8am-4pm ET.
Location: 32 Clifton St, Somerville, MA 02144.
Cost: $5200.00 (members); $5600.00 (non-members).
Limited space is available.

The Monotype of New England is offering a 12-week intensive oil-based monotype studio course. This is a great opportunity for painters and/or printmakers to dive into monotypes, often called “the painterly print.” Joel Janowitz will introduce a variety of monotype techniques including trace, additive and subtractive inking, stencils, and multiple press runs. The workshop will also explore VISCOSITY printing — the surprising ways inks of different viscosities (stickiness) interact with each other to build lively and richly complex prints.

Beginner to advanced students are welcome. The sessions became combinations of critique and technical information that fed directly into aesthetic sensibilities. Each artist receives the same number of hours of attention as in a workshop, but in a much more concentrated way.

This weekend intensive studio course will be Fridays from 4-7pm, Saturday and Sundays from 8am-4pm between Friday, September 1 – Sunday, November 19, 2023.

What’s Included: The studio is well equipped with presses, inks, and all the typical materials and tools. In addition there are plastic plates for painting and drawing on, and all that is print. There is also a good selection of mark making pencils, old brushes, and markers appropriate to monotype. Your General Studio Fee is used to provide an extensive array of relevant shop needs, including ink, ink knives, modifiers, a reasonable amount of paper which will cover your learning needs, cleaning supplies, paper towels and rags, tarlatan, newsprint, mat knives, aprons, some drawing acetates, India ink, and a thorough list of other communal creative printshop needs.

What to Bring: What is not covered by your fees are non-communal printing supplies and storage for your prints.

To register for this course or for more information, please email info@mgne.org