Pecha Kucha

By May 26, 2015Announcements


Member’s Exhibit: May 16-June 28, 2015
Gallery Hours: Saturday & Sunday 12-5 PM

June 6, 2015

Annual Meeting and Pecha Kucha: 10 AM-1 PM
Meet-and-Greet Reception: 12 PM-1 PM
Board Meeting: 1 PM-2PM

The Pecha Kucha is an informal, fast-paced slideshow where MGNE members will have an opportunity to show their work. Japenese for chit chat, the Pecha Kucha presentation is a quick and fun way to get to know each other as MGNE artists! Each participating artist will have two minutes to present five images. The slides will run continuously and there is no stopping or returning to a previous slide. Participating artists are encouraged to stand up and give a brief introduction, however speaking about your work is truly optional during the Pecha Kucha presentation. If you’re one of those artists who prefer to have their work speak for itself, than you can just smile while we all admire your prints.

To participate, please send your images by clicking on this link. Submission to the Pecha Kucha is automatic for any artist that submits their work for the the MGNE Members Gallery. We encourage you to submit work as we need your participation to make the website and the Pecha Kucha a success!