We have the winners for our “People’s Choice Awards” from our Salon des Refuses exhibition. The director of the Galleries at Kimball Jenkins Estate, Ryan Linehan, chose the three pieces that gathered the most inquiries, admiration and comments:
  • First Prize: Twilight Saraband Monoprint by Sasja Lucas
  • Second Prize: Pattern I  Monotype by Carol MacDonald
  • Third Prize: Man with Pig  Monotype by Steffen Pierce
Congratulations and thank you to all who participated! For more information about the exhibition please visit the exhibition page at mgne.org/salon-des-refuses/


Sasja Lucas, Hyde Park, MA
Twilight Saraband
Monotype (50″x36″)


Carol MacDonald, Colchester, VT
Pattern I
Monotype (33.5″×33.5 “)


Steffen Pierce, Belmont, MA
Man with Pig. Monotype (33″x39″)

Featured Artist Members

Artists: Title of Artwork:
Muriel Angelil Soliloquay
Joan Appel Off the Coast
Debra Arter The Scent of Lilacs
John Avakian Nature’s Remnants
Sherri Blase Debut et Fin
Jeanne Borofsky Artistico
Paulette Brace Gauntlet
Valerie Carrigan Rise Up
Judith Cassell Detail–Desolation Ridge
Debra Claffey Spring Green Again
Susan Clarke Purple Study 1
Ila Cox Shell Study
Cathie Crawford Pluvious I
Pat Cresson Sequoia
Patricia deGrandpre No Matter How You Slice It
Joanne Desmond Untitled
Marianne deVaux Poivron Rouge
Nancy Doniger Dance
Soosen Dunholter Traveler, the way is made by walking
Gabriel Feld Trifiling Sins
Diane Francis Dandelions
Darryl Furtkamp Skull
Betsy Gould Rose Medallion Garden
Joni Gruber Channeling Earth 14
Elizabeth Harty Brother of the Earth
Kate Higley Swimming to Light
Hannah Jackson Blow
Natalia Koren Kropf Celebrate!
Stephanie Kossmann The Moment Before You Left
Jennie Kristel Indras Net
Carolyn Letvin Swan River #7
Sasja Lucas Twilight Saraband
Goldberg Lynda Droplet
Carol MacDonald Pattern I
Helene Manzo Night Garden
Alice Merlone Marconi Inspired
Bonnie Mineo Ginko Leaves #4
Devon Mozdierz A Poet’s Game
Lyna Lou Nordstrom Transition VI
Kristin Onuf Ice Age
Sharon Pattison Tough Chick
Steffen Pierce Man with Pig
Connie Pogue Tangled
Debra Radke Contained Space
Lisa Russell #32 Reciprocity
Anne Russell Artichoke and Lemons
Erika Schmidt Lament
Judith Schutzman Hearth Series #1
Megan Snyder Dynamics
Phil Stevens Macworth low tide
Juergen Strunck HSS-3
Lenore Tenenblatt Dark Flower 17
Jean Thompson Vestige
R. Leopoldina Torres Coup/Contrecoup
Quynh Tran Day Dream #1
Justin Trindade ‘Through her eyes’
Marilyn Avery Turner Rainforest Royalty II
Andrea Warner Mexicana #1
Mary Webber Winter Solstice
Mary Wojciechowski Going In Circles
Josy Wright Moon Jellies
Banter Artists (Stephanie Mohr, Sharon & Todd Pattison, R. Leopoldina Torres, N. A. Yassa) Convergence