UNIQUE IMPRESSIONS VI:  MGNE Annual Members’ Exhibition 

November 12, 2016 – January 7, 2017

Zullo Gallery: Center for the Arts
456A Main Street, Medfield, MA

The Monotype Guild of New England presents our annual exhibition of original, one-of-a-kind monoprints or monotypes prints at Zullo Gallery. 


  • Exhibition Dates: November 12, 2016- January 7, 2017
  • Artist’s Reception: Thursday, December 1 (6-8pm)
  • Annual Meeting: Saturday, December 10 (3:30-4:30pm)

Featured Artist Members

Artist Title of Artwork
Laurie Alpert Fallout
Kristine Arena Red, Gray and Yellow #1
John Avakian Santa Fe Mosaics
Arlene Bandes Into the Future
Linda Batchelor Red Pony
Jeanne Borofsky Betty Buttress
Paulette Brace BANG!
Maggie Carberry Sedgwick Bridge
Judith Cassell WAKE,#2
Suzanne Chouteau Genocide of the Conscience: Canis Lupus
Susan Clarke Pop’s Cigar Tree
Joanne Cornell Red and Green Collage
Cathie Crawford Dianoia III
Patricia deGrandpre Winter Summerland
Joanne Desmond Memento Unraveled
Nancy Doniger Lady Clown Triptych 2
Jean-Pierre Dubreiul Paolo #1
Linda Dunn Tsaatan Queen
Diane Francis Wilma
Lynda Goldberg Reach Out
Betsy Gould Celestial Series: Skyway
Joni Gruber Subspace 01
Gail Hansen Bivalve
Adair Heitmann Jeff’s Choice
Kate Higley Passage
Amy Hourihan Foxgloves
Birgit Huttemann-Holz Eden XI
Roxane Hynek Shirt for Spring
Kathy Jenkins Latency
Diane Kaiser Equilibrium
Carolyn Letvin Single Sheep #22
Elizabeth Lilly Floating II
Sasja Lucas Red Then Blue
Carol MacDonald Fly Away
Helene Manzo View of Belleayre
Anna Mavromatis Seeds’ migrating flight…
sandra Mayo Why
James Meara Splaze
Alice Merlone Contemplation III
Bonnie Mineo Beachcomber #8
Cindy Mootz Nepali Girls
Barbara Nachmias-Kedesdy Echo
Lyna Lou Nordstrom Calm Waters
Kristin Onuf Sundew Waltz
Iris Osterman Cup
Martha Paynter Rising Seas 4
Sarah Riley Camille (Claudel) pulled by Forces beyond her Control
Gerald Ruggiero Lawrence Pond
Carol Sacks Emergence
Amy Schupler Veaner The Action is in the Viewing
Megan Snyder House
Phil Stevens Gilsland farm
Jean Thompson Memory
R. Leopoldina Torres Fractured I: Concrete Series
Marilyn Avery Turner Inner Life
Andrea Warner Leaves in Blue #2
Zachary White A Signature Of Leaves
Mary Wojciechowski Out of the Blue
Leonora Wolfeld Oasis
Lynn Yetra Afternoon Song