Elisa Lanzi

4.5 x 6 monotype, relief, 2016


Nature, astonishingly simple, yet mysterious is the essence of my art. I work with the phenomena of a physical world tied up with nature as an inherent part of our humanness. Much of my work is about crossings made in transitory times — a shift from season to season, crossing the sea from one shore to another. Chasing the waning light of a previous age or embarking on a new venture, crossings are inevitable.

Working with monotype gives me the freedom to create complex and minimalist work. Color, form, and marks are, first and foremost, the devices I use in transfer drawing, chine colle, stencil, and relief techniques.

These featured works are part of my “Warm Winter” portfolio. They signal an axial shift; an inescapable moment when Nature responds to humankind’s folly in her own spectacular way. They are about the underneath, the barely noticeable, that is, the quiet evidence of climate change. It might be a flooded field or premature early blooms half hidden by an icy glaze.


Elisa Lanzi is a printmaker and papermaker known for her painterly monotype and multimedia collage works. She is a member of Zea Mays Printmaking Studio (Florence, MA). Lanzi and several other artists make up the Trout Paper Studio, a hand-papermaking shop in rural Washington County, New York where she spends summer days creating colorful works of paper made from recycled rags. Selections from her new monotype series, “Climate Change” are featured in the Flat File Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking. Recent group shows include Hope and Feathers Gallery, Elusie Gallery and a traveling show at A.P.E Gallery and Maine College of Art. In 2016 her portfolio, “The Papermaker’s Garden” was acquired for the Smith College Rare Book collection. Lanzi’s work is represented in public and private collections and has been exhibited in the United States, Italy, and Brazil. Raised in an artistic family, Lanzi has created art through formal and informal study and practice since her early years. Her art history and studio background, papermaking apprenticeships, and intensive printmaking workshops support her creative work. In addition to her art practice, Lanzi is a librarian at Smith College (Northampton, MA) where she teaches the papermaking history for the Book Studies Concentration.